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Customized Good POST and MachineSim!

Posted by JEFFCNC on March 3, 2019 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

JeffCNC Customized Good POST and MachineSim


Recently, JeffCNC customized good Esprit Post for customer, is 5 Axis POST and want tool list.


After POST you will see good tool list and don't need change anything:

Do you know what's your Esprit POST version? When you use 8888 as program number you will see...

Now you can see your Esprit POST version from JeffCNC, same as all other CAM:


You can see more Post and MachineSIM, such as GibbsCAM Post and MachineSIM for customer.

Here is email and customer said "It looks pretty good so far":

When you use 8888 as program number you will see version info:

About GibbsCAM MachineSIM please see detail info:

JEFFCNC customized good GibbsCAM POST, MDD for customer, machine rotary special but JeffCNC can do whatever customer want, please see email:

And JEFFCNC customized good MachineSim, is good for programming. Here is info about how to use GibbsCAM MachineSim:

1.Use GibbsCAM Plug_Ins > PathFinder find MachineSim folder.

2. Copy MachineSim package to MachineSim folder.

3. Use and load your MachinmeSim.

4. Here is info for old version:

5. Here is sample for load MachineSim:

Use MachinmeSim you can find any problem and improve programming.

JeffCNC alway do good POST and MachineSim, is good for you save time and save money.

Please see detail info about POST high value MachineSIM:

If you have any question or need any help about POST, ToolList, Machine Simulation and Machine Simulation macros, please contact me: [email protected]

And JeffCNC customize special POST for customer who use very old mori seiki machine with yasnac control, X axis reversed direction (X-,Z+) and G2 becomes G3, G42 becomes G41).

JeffCNC can do exactly whatever customer want, please see detail info:


And JeffCNC customize more special POST for customer, after quote and finish good POST less than 1 week.

Here is email from customer today and customer said:

"Post looking pretty good thank you. Will keep on testing."

JeffCNC customize new POST over 10 years never have problem. I just want do good POST for customer but I hope have good cooperation and don't want waste your money and my time.

You can see I have so many good customers and good cooperation and customized good POST.

Here is email from customer:


Here is more email from customer:



JeffCNC can do whatever customer want:


JeffCNC always customized good POST for customer:

Such as good POST for Hass and Okuma, all customer like it.

Here is email from customer and said everything I've tried works perfectly:


Here is one email from customer:


And some special good POST for customer:

Such as 5 Axis Matsuura MAM72-100H horizontal post and Mdd with special gun drill macros. Post uses G68.2 and shower coolant options with G131R0 thru G131R9 for countering control.

Here is email from customer:


And some POST for special control such as Siemens 840D:

POST for Quaser MF500U 5axes with Siemens 840D control.

Here is email from customer:


More comments by email:



More Special POST For MasterCAM:

One POST for trumpf laser with semins 840 controller. Main problem is

the TC_LASER_ON cycle is called up in the NC program with the following cycle parameters:

TC_LASER_ON (Laser method, "Laser technology table", Piercing type, Cutting type)    




JeffCNC design Laser technology table use Tool name;


If you use default Tool # and same number for Len. Offset and Dia. Offset,  Laser method will use "9", Piercing type use "10" and Cutting type use "110" as default, or you can change whatever you want:


JeffCNC always do the best for everybody that's why customer happy for this POST:


Another POST for Siemens MILL, JeffCNC customize good ToolLIST :

MasterCAM ToolLIST can align:


You can set Tool name length 20 or any number, if your Tool name longer then this number, will automatically put "~" keep same length:


JeffCNC can customize good POST whatever you want, if you want customize new POST, please contact me: [email protected].

Customized Good Machine Simulation!

Posted by JEFFCNC on November 6, 2018 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Customized Good Machine Simulation

JeffCNC customized good Machine Simulation for customer, everybody like it.

For example, JeffCNC customized all kinds of Haas Machine Simulation for GibbsCAM, MasterCAM and EdgeCAM.


1,  Here is GibbsCAM 4Axis Machine Simulation:


 2,  Here is GibbsCAM 5Axis Machine Simulation:

More info please see: Customize GibbsCAM MDD and Simulation


3,  Here is EdgeCAM 5Axis Machine Simulation:


4, You can see movement of EdgeCAM Machine Simulation:



5,  Here is MasterCAM 4Axis Machine Simulation:


6. You can see movement of MasterCAM Machine Simulation:


JeffCNC can customize good POST and Machine Simulation whatever you want, good for you test and improve your program.

If you want customize new POST and Machine Simulation, please contact me: [email protected].

How to Install EdgeCAM POST?

Posted by JEFFCNC on December 11, 2017 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

How to Install EdgeCAM POST?

1, Just remind maybe have two "Plaint" folder in Documents folder:


Copy POST files to your POST folder (Make sure copy to right "Plaint" folder or copy to bouth):


3, In "Machining" system select the right POST:


4, In "NC Code" system you can generate NC Codes:



5, Input your program number:



6, Finally you got your NC program:


JeffCNC run so many years never have problem. I guarantee you will satisfied 100% for the POST.


Here is comment by customer:

If you want customize new POST please email : [email protected], thanks!!!

Do you know your POST version?

Posted by JEFFCNC on December 6, 2016 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

If you customized any POST from JeffCNC, you can use 8888 as program number and then you will see your POST version.


Example of GibbsCAM:



Example of MasterCAM:


Example of EdgeCAM:


JEFFCNC looking for excellent postprocessor reference!


Here is comment by customer:

If you interest above please email : [email protected], thanks!!!


How to Cut a Key by CNC?

Posted by JEFFCNC on May 1, 2016 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (1)

How to Cut a Key by CNC?

1, Make picture for key:


2, Convert picture to DXF by software:


3, Load DXF and make model by GibbsCAM:


4, Creat NC program by EdgeCAM (or GibbsCAM):


5, Setup and machining will copy a key:

EdgeCAM PCI Programming

Posted by JEFFCNC on June 29, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)
JeffCNC PCI package for creat VISE, TXT, DIM any point, X0Y0 and Z0 dimension:
DIM Centre point X0Y0 :
Creat Side VISE automatically:
Creat Centre VISE automatically:
DIM Z0 dimension:
DIM any point(X,Y):
DIM any point(X,Y,Z):
DIM any TXT information:
Now you got everything for setup:


EdgeCAM PCI Installing:

1, Copy all files with folder to ...\Cam\PCI\JEFF PCI\


2, Run EdgeCAM and Customise:


3, Customise - Tools - New (Insert) - Command from your PCI file:


4, Customise - Commands - Custom - Drag your Commands to Menu area:


5, Configurations - Mill Profile - Update and Save:

Here is Videos:

About EdgeCAM Subroutines

Posted by JEFFCNC on December 20, 2012 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (1)

About EdgeCAM Subroutines


Do you know how to make EdgeCAM post with subroutines?


One guy setup the post for subroutines using the Translate function and CPL naming convention. The post is built for a Horizontal with the potential of 4 machining positions on each face of a tombstone. Each part position has a unique prefix for the CPL. Position one always starts with P1, P2, P3 .. P9, with an INDEX output.

G0 G54.1 P1 B0.0

M98 P1025

G0 G54.1 P13 B0.0

M98 P1025

G0 G54.1 P15 B0.0

M98 P1025

G0 G54.1 P17 B0.0

M98 P1025


Another guy said his way not easy, but it works. Get your part oriented with the (TOP) cpl like you want and then click geometry point and place a point right on top of your CPL. Now copy that point using translate and move it over (in my case I used x3). Then create a a cpl called g54 and origin it at the 1st point (or the "top" cpl) After that create another CPL and origin it at the other point you made. If you need to do more than 2 parts then do the same process but name the cpls g56 g57 and so on. Now that you have the cpls set, go ahead and find your features and everything you normally do to get ready to switch to manufacture mode. When you click on MANfac mode, choose your new post...


My god! Too much and too complex, you can see his video if you have enough patience:



Computer can do everything easily, why not customize good POST?


The best way is just at the beginning of your program sequence, insert “Multiple Parts” and put information about Number of Parts(example: 3 for G54,G55,G56) and First Subprogram Number (example: 5001), that’s it. After POST out you will get main program and subprogram, please see picture:


Why this way so easy? Because JeffCNC use so many special skills and customized good EdgeCAM post with subroutines. POST can do everything, just use this POST, you don’t need do anything else.


Remember good POST good program, save time save money!

Here is sample NC program.


If you have any question or need customize good EdgeCAM POST, please contact me: [email protected]

Edgecam Overview

Posted by JEFFCNC on July 8, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (2)

Edgecam Overview

Edgecam -The standard in intelligent solids based manufacturing

Edgecam is a market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system. Capable of programming milling, turning and mill-turn machines, Edgecam combines unrivaled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation. Edgecam is a principal brand of the Planit group - recently ranked by CIMdata as the world's fastest growing CAM vendor, with most industrial users.

Edgecam is a complete CAM software solution for production machining and mold & die applications. With an extensive range of 2-5 Axis milling, turning and mill/turn strategies, seamless CAD integration and sophisticated automation tools, Edgecam is the only CAM system you'll ever need.

Edgecam is designed to cope with programming the simplest to the most complex components and offers full support for the latest CAD, machine tool and tooling technology. Available worldwide, Edgecam is supplied and supported through a network of subsidiaries and specialist resellers.



Edgecam -Roughing Smooths the Way for Better Machining

A new waveform roughing strategy offering even greater stability, more precise machining and faster metal removal, is just one of the significant enhancements in the latest release of the market-leading CAM software, Edgecam.

And a new flow surface cycle improves the machining of fillets and 3D surfaces.

The capabilities of both milling and turning all benefit from enhancements in Edgecam 2012R1

The following are just some of the many improvements in functionality and ease-of-use in Edgecam 2012 R1:



New Flow Surface Cycle:

The new Flow Surface cycle follows the flow of the surfaces, offering improved surface finish, helical support to reduce link moves, and multiple face support, making it ideal for machining fillets and 3D surfaces.



New Waveform Roughing Strategy:

Constant tool load path and smooth toolpath pattern, offering greater stability, more precise machining and faster metal removal. This gives improved tool life, constant engagement with material and constant chip load, superior material removal rates, and an improved surface finish which potentially eliminates secondary cutting cycles.



New Slot Cycle Support for Features:

The updated Slot Cycle supports the recently introduced slot feature. Feature Finder has been enhanced to recognise areas that can be machined with the slot cycle. Along with having a new option to select 2D, 3D and Solids as a cycle input, and new options to specify clearance, level and depth associative to the solid model, allows for slots to be machined in a single pass, and the Ramp approach moves into a closed slot.



Tailstocks in Edgecam:

Edgecam 2012 R1 allows machines to be configured with tailstock devices. It means users can control tailstock movements with graphical feedback; and specify parametric or custom tailstock graphics in the Code Wizard. There is also full simulation of tailstock movements along with collision detection.



Simulator Enhancements:

These include:

• Start Simulation from any ‘Under Stock’ command

• Selecting an alternative toolkit for simulation

• Enhanced simulation output.

Edgecam is a market-leading CAM system for NC part programming. With unparalled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it is the only CAM system needed for milling, turning and mill-turn machining.

In highly competitive markets, automation is the key to reducing programming time and maximising efficiency. Extensive research and development ensures Edgecam’s twice-yearly releases allow users to gain the absolute maximum performance from their CNC machines and the CAM process, maintaining a competitive edge.

Edgecam 2012 R1 will be featured along with machining demonstrations at Edgecam’s “Innovation for Productivity” event on 23 November. In partnership with Mazak, Sandvik, CG Vericut and 3d connexions, the open day will be held at Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd’s UK Technology Centre at Badgeworth Drive, Worcester. To attend the event, register at

Edgecam -The only CAM system you’ll ever need for solids based manufacturing

Edgecam is a market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it’s the only CAM system you’ll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining.

Edgecam Solid Machinist reads native data from all major CAD systems, avoiding data translation problems or potential issues with 3rd party interfaces. State-of-theart solids-based machining includes automatic feature recognition and full model-to-toolpath associativity.



Every industry has its own unique challenges when it comes to delivering high quality parts. Edgecam’s wealth of manufacturing sector experience enables customers to address continually changing market requirements including those driven by legislation or increased demands in technology and safety, for example. Edgecam’s extensive customer base covers users in markets as diverse as:

• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Oil & gas

• General engineering

• Mold and die

• Medical

• Motor sport

• Marine

• Sub-contract

In highly competitive markets, automation is the key to reducing programming time, maximising efficiency and ensuring consistent use of your company’s best practice manufacturing methods. Edgecam utilises your in house knowledge and experience to drive the CAM process with automation tools to suit different applications - allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.

Benefits include:

• Improved productivity and profitability through reduced material use

• Shortened design to manufacturing time

• Modular, flexible and scalable solutions

• Reliable installation, training and support

• Easy access to new markets such as sheet metal



New 4- and 5-Axis simultaneous machining capability



JeffCNC customized wonderful GibbsCAM 3~5Ax PostProcessor for FANUC series, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Matsuura, SNK, OKK, Kitamura, and Hardinge, Yasnac control Mill, Lathe and millturn machine. Programmer satisfied 100% for the program, they don't need change anything.

In addition, JeffCNC developed special POST for Mach3/4, MAZAK, OKUMA and HAAS. We guarantee you have good POST and good service. Such as one client's email: "I have to show and discuss with my boss and explain what's you change. For me everything is very good. You are genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


JeffCNC developed other POST for MasterCAM, EdgeCAM, SurfCAM, F360, HSM, Esprit, UG ... . POST can do whatever you want, save time and save money!

JeffCNC customized good POST such as Mach3, Mazak, Haas VF3, VF4, MiniMill and Lathe. And special POST with subroutines for multiple parts. JeffCNC guarantee 100% for good POST and free update service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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