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How to use GibbsCAM MachineSim?

Posted by JEFFCNC on May 1, 2021 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

How to use GibbsCAM MachineSim?

Recently, JEFFCNC customized good GibbsCAM POST, MDD for customer, machine rotary special but JeffCNC can do whatever customer want, please see email:

And JEFFCNC customized good MachineSim, is good for programming. Here is info about how to use GibbsCAM MachineSim:

1.Use GibbsCAM Plug_Ins > PathFinder find MachineSim folder.

2. Copy MachineSim package to MachineSim folder.

3. Use and load your MachinmeSim.

4. Here is info for old version:

5. Here is sample for load MachineSim:

Use MachinmeSim you can find any problem and improve programming.

JeffCNC alway do good POST and MachineSim, is good for you save time and save money.

Please see detail info about POST high value MachineSIM:

If you have any question or need any help about POST, ToolList, Machine Simulation and Machine Simulation macros, please contact me: [email protected]

About GibbsCAM POST and MachineSIM

Posted by JEFFCNC on July 17, 2019 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

About GibbsCAM POST and MachineSIM

 About GibbsCAM POST :

GibbsCAM old version use .pst Postprocessor, new version use .post, totally different and .post can't use for old version.

Normally JeffCNC customize .pst Postprocessor because .post more expensive. JeffCNC want customer save money so price for .pst only, and .pst still can use for new version.

When .pst use for new version, GibbsCAM will give you a notice, you can cancel the notice if you don't like it.

JeffCNC can update .pst to .post for new version but should quote first and charge more money because will take time update and do more test.

About GibbsCAM MachineSIM:

JeffCNC can customize good MachineSIM depend on 3 price levels, please quote:
1, don't have machine model
2, have machine model
3, need macros for door movement and frame auto transparency

Normally JeffCNC customize MachineSIM without macros because save time and customer can save money.

But level 3 MachineSIM will be high value and beautiful, please see detail info:

Recently, JeffCNC made high value Haas VF2 5 axis MachineSIM for machine simulation:

When you select MachineSIM, you will see door open automatically as a movie:

When you start MachineSIM, door will closed and machine frame will change transparency.

Now, you don't need change machine parts setup, you see inside very clearly.

And so on…


When finish, if you want Rewind, you will see door open again automatically as a movie:

Here is machine simulation videos, very interesting.


If you have any question or need any help about GibbsCAM pst/post, MDD, Machine Simulation and Machine Simulation macros, please contact me: [email protected]

How to customize machine simulation for dual trunnion?

Posted by JEFFCNC on April 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

How to customize machine simulation for dual trunnion?


Recently, JEFF CNC developing good machine simulation for dual trunnion.

You know Haas VF3 SST 5 Axis milling machine have two C-Axis trunnion, but  5 axis programming always use one zero and stock for one job only.

So, I have to made two MachineSim, right MachineSim for right trunnion, left MachineSim for left trunnion.

I think this is the only way for two trunnion machining and simulation, I test both work OK.
1, Use regular 5Axis programming :


2, Select right MachineSim for right trunnion machining:


3, You will see right trunnion machining OK:




4, If you select left MachineSim for left trunnion:


5, You will see left trunnion machining OK too:




You don’t need worry about your parts on which trunnion, programming same. You don’t need change anything for Machine Simulation, it's very easy.


6, Here is videos for Machine Simulation:


If you have any question or need any help about GibbsCAM MDD and Machine Simulation, please contact me: [email protected]


If you want test JeffCNC 4Axis and 5Axis Machine Simulation, please Sign in and download in GibbsCAM Download Center.

Smart POST for MasterCAM

Posted by JEFFCNC on January 2, 2018 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Smart POST for MasterCAM

JeffCNC customize smart POST for MasterCAM can avoid some mistake.

* Check Compensation.

* Check same tool number.

* Check feed and speed.

* Check rough and finish.

* Check chamfer tool.

* Check clearance.

* Check work offset.


For example:

1, Check Compensation:

Normally we need compensation for finish.

If you use wrong compensation or forget compensation will give alarm:

2, Use MasterCAM programming, is very easy made mistake use same tool number with different diameter or tool type.

If you use same tool number with different diameter or tool type will give alarm:

Please see more info

3,JeffCNC customize smart POST for MasterCAM can avoid some mistake.


4,POST can show you if your clearance less than 2.0 inch:


5,POST can show you if you have wrong feed/speed:


6,POST will remind you if you use different WCS:


7,Then you can check and change your clearance:


8,And you can update your feed/speed:


9,You can double check your WCS:


After update and POST again, no any alarm and avoid mistake.


JeffCNC can customize good POST whatever you want, if you want customize new POST, please contact me: [email protected].

How to Download?

Posted by JEFFCNC on December 11, 2017 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Can not Download In JeffCNC?


If you already $10 Donation for membership but can not download videos and more materials, please send me email: [email protected]


For JeffCNC Registered Members


1, Download videos please use menu on the left: CNC Videos Center -> ... Videos Center:


2, Download PDF Senior Documents please use menu on the left: Senior Docs Center -> ... Senior Docs:


Notice: Maybe have more materials download please see "Top or bottom of download page"

*** More ... Download Here!! ***


If download link with, please see How to Download In Baidu?


How to Download In Baidu?

1, If you download link with you need remember password:


2, Open the link to baidu and imput password, then OK:


3, You can see file size and download it, very easy:


4, Open some link to baiduwp special as this:


5, Same thing, imput password, OK then download the file directly:


Or you can use Google website translation, very easy......


Notice: Maybe download big file (>300M) need register Baidu first!!


If you have any question please email : [email protected], thanks!!!


How To Get GibbsCAM Tool List?

Posted by JEFFCNC on September 27, 2017 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (1)

How to Get GibbsCAM Tool List

GibbsCAM has a macro function that can be used to create ToolList.


Recently, JEFF CNC developing some GibbsCAM macros for CNC programming. Use GibbsCAM macro, it's easy for customize various kinds Tool List:


GibbsCAM macros menu: Toollist Report


For toollist report have 3 function:

1, General toollist report

2, Toollist with cut depth

3, Toollist with cut time

All tool info, cut depth and cut time come from toolpath of your CAM file automatically.(Calculate Min. cut depth (deepest one) and total cut time from all toolpath of same tool)


Tool List with cut depth.


You can save Tool List and transform to Excel automatically.


If you want buy GibbsCAM Macros Package or others source codes on JeffCNC Web Store, please contact me: [email protected].

How to Get MasterCAM Tool List?

Posted by JEFFCNC on September 26, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

How To Get MasterCAM Tool List?

JeffCNC customized good MasterCAM ToolList, is very easy:

1. Select Operation, right click and select "Setup sheet":



2. Input header INFO? (Yes for first time):



3. Enter Part Number:


4. Enter Part Name:



5. Enter Operation INFO:

6. Enter Programmer Name:

7. After all header INFO then you will get ToolList by Word automatically:


8. You can preview your ToolList:


9. You don't need change anything just print out: 

How To Setup MasterCAM Tool List?

Copy ToolList Software to MasterCAM POST folder and then setup:

1. Setting => Configuration...:



2. Toolpathe => Setup Sheet program =>  Select ".SET File":



3. Setting => Machine Definition Manager...:


4. Click Control Definition Manager...:



5. Files=>Mill=>Select file name: ToolList.SET => Click Yes


6. Click Yes Save all change:


If you want buy MasterCAM ToolList or others source codes on JeffCNC Web Store, please contact me: [email protected].

JeffCNC International Investment Cooperation

Posted by JEFFCNC on November 29, 2016 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

JeffCNC International Investment Cooperation


1. Mechanical Projects


JeffCNC website founded more than 10 years, with abundant experience of GibbsCAM, MasterCAM, EdgeCAM and PowerMILL training, technical support and post-processing development. Customized all kind of Lathe and 3 ~ 5-axis Milling post-processor...


Customer from all over the world, satisfied 100% for POST and technical service. ( China, Canada, USA, Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Germany... )


JeffCNC has existing website as platform and technical resources, cooperation can be carried out in the following areas:


* Mechanical CAD / CAM software technical training and consultation;

* Customize or support in-hand post-processor for various CAM software;

* Produce and export all kinds of machine tool, fixture and its accessories;

* Purchasing and sales of new and used lathe, milling or any other machine;


2. Energy Projects


JeffCNC has many years of China's steel and coal chemical technology background, has a wealth of energy engineering project planning, high stage design, investment estimates, budget and construction design experience and network resources, a strong scientific research and design institute technical support.

JeffCNC has a rich technical background and human resources, can cooperate in the following areas:


* Investment promotion,capital introduction and matches for China projects;

* EIA, feasibility study, preliminary design and other design cooperation;

* Any engineering projects budget and construction design cooperation;

* Special projects matchmaking, approval and organize services;


If you interest any projects on above list please email : [email protected], thanks!!!










客户来自世界各地,对后处理和技术服务非常满意。( 中国、加拿大、美国、丹麦、法国、西班牙、瑞典、意大利、德国... )




* 机械CAD/CAM软件技术培训与咨询;

* 各种CAM软件的后处理器定制开发;

* 各种机床刀具、夹具及其配件生产外销;

* 新旧车床、铣床及其他机床的采购与销售;








* 中外能源工程项目招商引资与牵线搭桥;

* 环评、可研、初步设计等高阶段设计合作;

* 工程项目的概预算以及施工图设计合作;

* 特许项目的筹办、审批与实施跟踪服务;


如果你对以上任何项目感兴趣,请电邮联系:  [email protected] 


中国—多伦多 投资合作项目






* 豪宅公寓买卖

* 旧房装修翻建

* 期房(楼花)投资

* 农场、酒庄、便利店

* 餐馆、学生公寓、度假村


* 数控加工厂转让

* 新旧数控机床交易

* 数控编程培训

* 后处理器开发


如果你对以上任何项目感兴趣,请电邮联系:  [email protected] 


中国—多伦多 投资案例





土地面积 72 x 146 尺近3个高尔夫球场豪宅

睡房4 + 1

卫生间 5




要价:$240 加元










1. 地理位置优越:靠近大湖,大湖的气候调节作用非常适合蓝莓的生长;靠近小镇,生活方便;

2. 该蓝莓农场中种植的蓝莓品质好,产量高,投资人可以在其他空地上种植新的蓝莓树,扩大种植面积,进一步增加效益。

3. 该农场中带有一栋别墅,舒适温馨,适合农场主一家人居住。

4. 蓝莓农场中带有非常大的现代化仓库,便于生产管理,设备存储。

5. 可以在成熟季节开发自我采摘,加之位于湖边,将农场经营为集自我采摘、休闲为一体的农场。

要价:$297 万加元


如果你对以上任何项目感兴趣,请电邮联系:  [email protected] 

PostProcessor Customize Level

Posted by JEFFCNC on October 20, 2014 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (13)

Post Customize Level and Machine Axis Info:

Level Milling Turning Price
level1 3 Axis Mill POST 2 Axis Lathe POST @
level2 3+1 4Axis POST XZ+C Lathe POST @
level3 4Axis Rotary Simultaneous POST XYZ+C Lathe POST @
level4 3+2 5Axis POST / 4Axis TMS XYZ+C+B Lathe POST @
level5 5Axis Simultaneous MTM  @


JeffCNC customized so many good POST, I guarantee you will satisfied 100% for the POST.


If you want customize new POST, please tell me what's CAM you use, Lathe or Mill machine Axis info, and then I can give you good price for the POST.  @: [email protected]


ABC Question And Answer



What is meant by "Rotary" and "Non Rotary" posts (level 2 and level 3)? Thanks.


Rotary Milling with support for continuous rotary machining.

No Rotary Milling just 3+1 can rotate but not continuous rotary machining.



Can you give me test ,demo? i well to see first.


JeffCNC only customize new POST, no any demo, because POST guaranteed and free update.



What do you need ? How long I will get new POST?


After you pay I need your sample NC program, about a few days you will get new POST.



Not sure what you mean by "sample NC program". Please advise. Thanks.


Sample program just use for what's format you want and good for your machine.
You can find any program already run in your machine or get it from machine supplier.



What about price and free update?


Price for pst only and free update for reasonable time (Can not more than half year).



After got new POST please test and update ASAP!!!


 How can I acces video?


 Only JeffCNC member can download videos and some special training materials.


How to become JeffCNC member ?


Apply JeffCNC member please $10 Donation for membership first! Membership will approved on limit time and will get $50 discount when customize new POST. (limit time 1~2 years)


After membership approved please download videos and order POST ASAP!!!



About GibbsCAM POST and MachineSIM please see detail info:

About GibbsCAM POST and MachineSIM


About VERICUT Machine Configuration

Posted by JEFFCNC on September 19, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (2)

About VERICUT Machine Configuration


VERICUT is a single NC data verification and optimization solution that can be used with ALL your CNC machines and CAM systems! – used in all industries with all CAD/CAM systems to simulate NC code, whether programmed manually or post-processed from your CAM system.


VERICUT configuration not only needs 3D models for your machine, but also needs the control emulation logic and machine kinematics contained in the VERICUT system. VERICUT configuration to ensure it meets your exact machine specifications and options.


Compare “as-machined” cut part with the original design model… so you know that the part you cut will be the part that was designed.


So, use VERICUT Verify dimensional accuracy and optimize tool paths for better finishes on surfaces and edges. Reduce or eliminate the cost of machine tool crashes, rework, scrapped parts, and damaged tooling, fixtures, and clamps. Improve your programming and CNC production, save time and save money.


Recently, JeffCNC developed many machine 3D models and machine control for VERICUT machine simulation. Such as Mazak, OKK, Mori-Seiki, Matsuura, OKUMA, HAAS and many more.



JeffCNC can customize good sample VeriCut files for your machine, is easy for you modify and verify any NC program. If you have any question or need any help please contact me: [email protected]


Customize GibbsCAM MDD and Simulation

Posted by JEFF on January 30, 2011 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (155)

Customize GibbsCAM MDD and Simulation


JEFF CNC developing good GibbsCAM Postprocessor for CNC programming. Most people know good POST good program, it’s very important for programming. But in the mean time, we need good MDD (Machine Definition Document) and Machine simulation.


The MDD is an exact physical description of your machine, its tools, spindles and its axes. It is used by GibbsCAM to offer appropriate functionality.


Sometimes MDD doesn’t match your machine, even though we can change POST and get good NC codes, but is not the best way.


Gibbs MDD always follow CAM file automatically. You will get new MDD when you copy a special Gibbs CAM file; It’s so easy and good for you if you don’t have same MDD. But it’s very easy mix up different MDD and maybe doesn’t match your machine. It’s very dangerous for CNC programming and machining.


JEFFCNC can customize good MDD for you, and MDD can be related in JEFFCNC special POST. You will get good POST and good MDD, and guarantee no any problem for your program.


GibbsCAM Machine Simulation option is a 3D representation of a Machine Tool, the part and cutting tools that supplements the standard rendering component of GibbsCAM. Machine Simulation provides a machine-centric view of what is happening as opposed to the standard rendering which is part-centric.


You can customize Machine Simulation by GibbsCAM Machine Builder, a tool to create the models that represent the machine tool. Machine Simulation supports lathe, mill, advanced mill, rotary mill and Tombstone Machining System parts.


JEFFCNC can help you customize good Machine simulation for test and improve your program.


You can see 4Axis and 5Axis Machine Simulation samples, so simple but beautiful, good for showing in different angle.


4Axis Machine Simulation:

You don’t need worry about your parts position on tombstone. You can set your parts zero everywhere only keep all coordinated system in same zero. You don’t need change anything for Machine Simulation, it's very easy.


5Axis Machine Simulation:



If you have any question or need any help about GibbsCAM MDD and Machine Simulation, please contact me: [email protected]


If you want test JeffCNC 4Axis and 5Axis Machine Simulation, please Sign in and download in GibbsCAM Download Center.

CNC Data List

Posted by JEFF on October 30, 2010 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (1)

CNC Data List






CNC Setup & Operating

CNC Machine & OperatingTeaching Materials and Video




CNC Machine Training Pictures and Video




CNC Tools Information files



CNC Programming

PowerMill_(Software, POST) Teaching Materials and Video




GibbsCAM_Professional Teaching Video and Materials




GibbsCAM_(Software, POST) Teaching Materials Lathe/Milling Video, Teaching samples




MasterCAM 9.0_ Teaching Materials and Videos




MasterCAM_(Software, POST) Teaching Materials and Videos




PowerMill 9_Install Teaching




GibbsCAM2007_ Install Teaching




MasterCAM 8.0_ Install Teaching




MasterCAM 9.0_ Install Teaching




MasterCAM X_ Install Teaching




CNC Tools: NC Viewer, INCH/MM Converter, …



All downloads for JeffCNC members only, please sign in first!

***Please downloads in Downloads Center***

About NC Rotate software

Posted by JEFF on October 29, 2010 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Detailed introduction about NC Rotate V2009 software


Recently, JEFF CNC has successfully developed NC Rotate V2009 software. Sometimes we made program for this machine, but next time need move another machine. If the X, Y different, we have to change NC program with 90 DEG or -90 DEG, and maybe need rotate 180 for parts stop right side.


NC Rotate V2009 is a good tool for CNC programming! Use of this software, It’s very easy for you changing your NC program. You don’t need modify your program manually every time, waste time and easy made mistake. Use NC Rotate V2009, save time and save money!


NC Rotate V2009 is practical and beautiful software. It developed with VB6.0, friendly interface, and practical function. You can easily open and save all kind of NC program files, get various kinds use tips and help as auxiliary functions. You will surprise the software interface, wonderful design with picture and animation.


This software is very concise, but has almost all the main function. Besides beautiful open and save file and exit button, the progress bar and CNC animation are very beautiful and friendly!


Here is the main interface of this software:

This software has about software window, show the version information, and contact information.


This window has animation too, and the fast moving characters, very interesting.

The help window is different also, there are various using information introduced.


Especially it shows the software information just like a movie, amazing!


Please Sign in and download trial version in JEFF CNC Downloads Center.


If you want buy NC Rotate V2009 software source codes on JeffCNC Web Store, please contact me: [email protected].


JeffCNC customized wonderful GibbsCAM 3~5Ax PostProcessor for FANUC series, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Matsuura, SNK, OKK, Kitamura, and Hardinge, Yasnac control Mill, Lathe and millturn machine. Programmer satisfied 100% for the program, they don't need change anything.

In addition, JeffCNC developed special POST for Mach3/4, MAZAK, OKUMA and HAAS. We guarantee you have good POST and good service. Such as one client's email: "I have to show and discuss with my boss and explain what's you change. For me everything is very good. You are genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


JeffCNC developed other POST for Other CAM with subroutines for multiple parts. POST can do whatever you want, save time and save money!

JeffCNC customized good POST such as Mach3, Mazak, Haas VF3, VF4, MiniMill and Lathe. JeffCNC guarantee 100% for good POST and free update service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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