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Why is only Canada acting as an accomplice?

   Zhao Lijian: Please also answer a few of my questions.

   First, why is Canada the only country that "complied" with the US extradition treaty in this matter? The United States has signed extradition treaties with many countries.

   Second, are other countries that have signed extradition treaties with the United States that do not comply with their treaty obligations?

   Third, why didn't they do this like Canada? This is because they do not want to get involved in this dirty conspiracy of the United States, and they do not want to satisfy the selfish interests of the United States at the expense of the interests of their own people.


   China's position on the Meng Wanzhou incident is clear and firm. It must be pointed out that before the disclosed facts and many doubts, no matter how the Canadian government conceals the truth and misleads the public, it will never change the political nature of the Meng Wanzhou incident, nor will it change the Canadian government’s role as the US in this incident. The disgraceful role of accomplice and pawn.


  We have also noticed that more and more people of insight in Canada are publicly requesting that the Canadian government make independent decisions to release Meng Wanzhou, including politicians, lawyers, judges, and former diplomats. We urge Canadian leaders to listen more to their voices of justice and reason.

Why does the paradox in the Canadian trial make the judge "doubt"?

On the morning of August 12th, local time, the Canadian court heard the case of Meng Wanzhou, a Chinese citizen detained by the United States, who was detained by the United States and an executive of Huawei.


Although this case, which has attracted the attention of international public opinion, has fully exposed the injustice of the Canadian judicial system, even many Canadian extradition law experts can't stand the Canadian judicial department's botched operation in this matter, but on the 12th In this trial, even the judge who tried the case couldn't hold himself back. He actually told the truth that surprised many Western media.


   On December 1, 2018, at the request of the U.S. government, the Canadian government detained Meng Wanzhou, who was accused by the U.S. judicial department of “fraud” to HSBC at a Canadian airport. Subsequently, Meng Wanzhou began to file a lawsuit with the Canadian government through legal channels to prove that the United States' accusations against her were false accusations, thereby preventing the United States from "extraditioning" her.


   Previously, the U.S. Department of Justice claimed that Meng Wanzhou had concealed the relationship between Huawei and an Iranian company from HSBC, causing HSBC to be at risk of violating U.S. laws (that is, the U.S. issued sanctions against Iran).


   But Meng Wanzhou’s gathering of a large amount of evidence shows that the US accusation against Meng Wanzhou is a false accusation. Meng Wanzhou has not concealed the connection between Huawei and that Iranian company, and HSBC is also very clear about the relationship between the two companies.


   Even HSBC, at the request of Meng Wanzhou’s party, produced relevant evidence to prove that HSBC’s personnel are well aware of the relationship between Huawei and the Iranian company and there is no misleading situation by Meng Wanzhou.


   It is weird that even though the fact that the U.S. government falsely accused Meng Wanzhou is so clear, the Canadian court refused to introduce such evidence that is extremely detrimental to the U.S. government.


   This absurd scene directly aroused the dissatisfaction of many experts in Canada's "extradition law".


   Among them, Gary Botting, a well-known Canadian criminal defense lawyer and an authoritative expert on extradition law, stated that the judge’s refusal to introduce such evidence was wrong.


   He also complained to a reporter from the Global Times that the International Assistance Group (IAG), the bureaucracy of the Canadian Ministry of Justice that specializes in extradition matters, behaved like an American "robot" in this case.


   "The United States said ‘jump one’, and Canadian bureaucrats obediently asked, ‘how tall is it?’” Potting sarcastically.


However, according to a record obtained from the latest court hearing on August 12th by Geng Zhi, even the Canadian judge Holmes who tried the case seemed to be a little nervous, and he was directly in this court hearing. There was such a big truth!


"In such a fraud case, after many years, no actual damage occurred. Moreover, the alleged victim of this case, a large organization, seems to have many people in it (Huawei and Iranian companies). Situation, this is not unusual," Holmes said.


   His remarks also made the Canadian prosecutor a bit unable to come to Taiwan. The prosecution’s lawyer quickly reminded Holmes: “But you yourself said before that some people (HSBC) may know (about Huawei and the Iranian company), but it does not mean that fraud did not occur.”


   But Holmes still said: “I just feel that there is no actual loss and the fact that there is no actual loss and the actual connection (Huawei and the Iranian company) are both present in this case. This is unusual.”

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Aljosa Durnik
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The case of Meng Wnzhou is of course a disgrace to Canada and to the USA clearly ! But the sad reality today and for the last couple of years now is that there is a well organized media war on China and Russia as well. This world wide witch hunt on china is organized and run by Five Eyes Countries and USA's spy agencies also, But the actual centre of this shameful anti china media war is in fact London if anyone cares for the facts. British intelligence runs the world's fake news media apparatus from London and the USA, Australia, Kanada and many other vesel countries around the globe today.



Anyways, this world wide spy apparatus is as evil as it gets and well funded and organized all over the globe today. These guys have plenty of agents willing to paddle their anti china lies all over youtube with millions and millions of views. One of the main reasons for this shameful war on china propaganda is the fact that China started in 2013 this world wide project intended to end poverty all around the world as weell as in China itself of course where the poverty is almost eradicated by now as a matter of fact. The project I'm talking about is Called "The Belt and Road" or "The New Silk Road".

For those of you who wish to know more about this I would suggest taking a look at this incredible Facebook page named The Rising Tide Foundation where you will be able to find all about True China today and also how the global media war on china is operating among others .

This site is run by my good friend Matthew Ehret who also writes for many internet media outlets and he writes often about China as well. I, myself, am also a contributor to The Rising Tide Foundation FB page btw..

Here's a link:

A part from hundreds of youtube pages dedicated to destroy china, there are also a few of Good and Truthful Youtube individuals which are posting Fantastic videos about reality in China Today and how the west is working to lie so much about China. These Two of the best youtube channels out there are worth checking out indeed. Both of these guys are foreigners living in China , one is American , the other is Kanadian.

This are there Youtube Pages:  


I Hope This Information Helps better understanding what is really going on in Connection with China, as this is the best info out there and needs to spread around as far as it can before a real war against China starts one day with all the global wide malintended propaganda being pushed so hard anywhere.


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