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My Thoughts about FANG FANG Diary



The main contents of this book are:


I read the Chinese version of "Fangfang Diary" in detail. I feel that there are too many problems and it is really difficult to summarize. Please read my book for details.

This book once serialized some highlights on Twitter, and some have attracted the attention of thousands of people in just a few hours.

The book exposes the following issues in Fang Fang's diary:

1. Why was it renamed Wuhan Diary? Do you want to smear Wuhan as the source of the epidemic?

2. Why quickly translate and publish in multiple languages? What is the purpose of interest groups?

3. Is Fang Fang's diary documentary or literature? Why are there so many mistakes like punctuation?

4. Fang Fang's diary says where are the photos of the unowned mobile phone in the funeral hall? Why rumor?

5. Why did Fang Fang's diary hear hearsay, one-sided reports, and only write negative things?

6. Fang Fang's diary smears China's anti-epidemic, does it spread salt on Chinese wounds?

7. The overseas publication of Fang Fang's diary is not conducive to the world's anti-epidemic, Is it hitting the face of Western countries?

8. This e-book criticizing Fang Fang's diary was blocked by Amazon. Isn’t the joke about American freedom?

Some people said: A drop of ink from Fang Fang falls on our overseas Chinese as a sea.


You know "FANG FANG Diary"  is not banned in China, but this book "My Thoughts about FANG FANG Diary" is banned by Amazon, which shows the value of this book... 

Any question please contact me: [email protected]

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